With their dedicated following and recognizable pieces Love Shack Fancy approached ECOM DEPARTMENT seeking an agency that could help optimize their already growing brand with their email marketing strategy and set an even stronger pace for ongoing growth.


We improved LSF’s sender reputation by performing a detailed audit of their marketing lists and excluding dead-weight segments from our email strategy. We also custom-tailored their calendar to only deliver the most
impactful emails to the highest performing segments
cutting out any potential over-saturation
from their marketing plans.

Significant goals

Sending targeted emails has fueled the growth of a loyal subscriber base with a 25% increase in open rates. Significant achievements such as an increase in flow revenue by 1100% and 34% total conversions driven by email were just some of the positive goals met.

immediate increase

We also adjusted their welcome series to an
immediate increase of 3.2x in orders and revenue as well as added a browse abandonment, winback, post-purchase thank you, and repeat purchase
flows to increase customer engagement and retention significantly.