How many times a week do you wish you could do it all over again, start from scratch, and begin anew? Since 2015, our friends at Rewind have been on a mission to help e-commerce businesses do just that.

Rewind’s top-reviewed products and support have earned the trust of over 100,000 customers in more than a hundred countries. Their platform provides businesses with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their critical data is backed up and can be restored within minutes. 

We understand that issues can arise unexpectedly, and being well-prepared before they occur is crucial. It prevents a minor nuisance from turning into a larger problem that can impact your bottom line.

As the leading backup solution for businesses, Rewind empowers e-commerce merchants with the tools they need to ensure that mistakes don’t stop them from growing. Their software backs up data that lives in the cloud and provides protection from tiny errors, huge mishaps, and everything in between. 

Are You Fully Protected (Do you use Rewind Backups)?

Downtime and sluggish website performance equal lost revenue on any day of the year. If something were to go wrong during peak shopping times, how would you make sure your store was quickly back up and running? 

It's important to be aware that while SaaS platforms like Shopify provide a backup to protect against large-scale disasters, it doesn't help if something happens to your store specifically. 

Shopify backs up all merchants' data collectively, they can't retrieve it for your individual site. 

This can be a surprise to many people, not just those who use e-commerce platforms, but across all SaaS platforms. And, that is not the sort of surprise any brand wants to receive.

Rewind’s Backups for Shopify maintains a continuous backup of your entire store. This means you can restore everything from individual items (images, descriptions, blogs, themes, orders, et al) to multiple items at once (like an entire collection or brand) to your complete Shopify store, just how you like it.

About “Shared Responsibility” (aka the fine print…)

Shopify takes care of the software, infrastructure, and disaster recovery of the platform, but you are responsible for everything else. Our team at ECOM DEPARTMENT has our merchants covered with backups of your store code—both the theme and any custom functionality we build for you—through GitHub version control. But what about everything else (i.e. content and transactional data)? 

This is where Rewind comes in and why we’re happy to recommend it to our clients.

Rewind Backups gives you a full suite of protection. It allows you to restore everything from product images, descriptions, page contents, navigation link lists, metafields, and collections to automated workflows. Beyond this, it lets you recover your transactional data, including order history and your customer list.

That is also why it is the only backup service recommended by Shopify Plus in the Launch Guideline document under “Backing Up Data.”

Why Merchants Need Backups

As a business owner, data backup and security should be a top priority. Nobody wants their store to go down, but accidents do happen, and it's mission-critical to have a backup of your store in case of human error, accidental data deletion, or rogue apps making unwanted changes. Even the most careful people can make mistakes, so having that backup can make all the difference. Imagine having a house fire and being able to undo the damage immediately. 

That is the power of Rewind.

Meet Another Rewind Product: Rewind Staging

Formerly Rewind Copy, Rewind Staging allows Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants to quickly and easily create a duplicate of their store as a staging environment. It makes sure that every aspect of the store is copied, from product images to metadata, so that changes may be previewed and deployed to the live store quickly and easily. 

Staging stores – also known as sandbox or development sites – give you the freedom to play with new apps or test custom code and themes, safe in the knowledge that if things don’t work out the way you hoped, your live store won’t be impacted.

As an e-commerce merchant, you know that staying ahead of the game requires a willingness to take risks. All too often, caution keeps us from making changes to our live stores for fear of crashing them or installing apps that slow them down. With the safety of a separate environment that accurately mirrors your live store, you can be as bold as you want.

Collaboration is key and Rewind Staging lets you preview changes with a link that your team (or clients) can interact with to provide the feedback you need before launch. 

With Rewind Staging, you can start experimenting with confidence.

Rewind + ECOM DEPARTMENT = Better Together

ECOM DEPARTMENT has secured an exclusive offer for our merchants. Any ECOM DEPARTMENT client that signs up for a Rewind demo will receive an extended 60-day trial.

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